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Noah Centineo Is Helping Amplify Awareness of Voting in Upcoming Election Through Favored Nations

Noah Centineo is making sure everyone who can is voting this year. The 24-year-old To All The Boys star’s Favored Nations organization is teaming up with Tony’s Chocolonely for a voter registration campaign. The two will “work together to encourage Americans to register to vote with HeadCount for the 2020 national elections as well as educate voters about the election and voter suppression.”

“We believe in One Nation, a nation rebuilt by young voters. But before we rebuild, we must first claim our seat at the table,” Noah said in a statement. “To be heard, we must stand up and use our voices. We’re extremely grateful to partner with Tony’s Chocolonely to raise and amplify awareness around the subject of voting. Behind the topic of voting is what we truly want… a deeper level of involvement and care from our generation. Change can only occur when you want it to, and we do.”

“We believe that the biggest influencers in America are not the ones found on social media but instead are the voters who show up on Election Day,” Josh Heller, Co-Founder and CMO at Favored Nations, said. “It’s important for us to team up with like-minded companies that are excited to join our mission to activate people who give a shit about the healing of our country. We all share the same message: Voting matters and change won’t happen unless we put down our phones, stand up, and start marching.”

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